What is Cupán Tae Conf?

One of our organisers, Andrea Magnorsky,explain what Cupán Tae Conf means.

We explained what Cupán Tae means via the following post:

What does Cupán Tae mean?
What does Cupán Tae mean? It means “a cup of tea” in Irish! 🇮🇪☕️ Find out more about Cupán Tae Conf Cupán Tae Conf SeriesCoding Grace will be launching a series of virtual events as part of Cupán Tae Conf.Cupán Tae ConferenceVicky Twomey-Lee

And now we have one of the organisers of Cupán Tae Conf, Andrea Magnorsky explain what it means:

(Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUiVq7ESj1E)