What happens at a Cupán Tae Con virtual talk?

So what does happen at each of these virtual talks?

You drink tea and listen to guest speaker (1 hour).
Then why not stay... and drink more tea, and chat about engineering (1 hour)!

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Cupán Tae Conf Series - Tickets
Coding Grace will be launching a series of virtual events as part of Cupán Tae Conf. Buy your tickets here!

Find your nearest tea stockists

Recommended tea when joining us at Cupán Tae TODO - Write something about tea here... Stockists Recommend a tea stockist in your area? Let us know: tea@cupantaeconf.com Ireland * Clement & Pekoe (Dublin, delivers nationwide) * LooseLeaf (Cork, delivers nationwide) * Three Spoons (Cork, delivers nationwide) * Trá Coffee & Speciality Teas (Waterford, Pick-up